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Enzo Bonafé Made To Order

Enzo Bonafé runs a very small scale operation and they make a lot of single pairs, that is why the MTO surcharge is only 20% of the base style. Enzo Bonafé is very willing to work with most design ideas, but there are of course limitations. We ask you to base your MTO on an existing Bonafé style. Minor design modifications of a style, like adding or removing punching, gimping, medallions, etc. are included in the normal 20% MTO surcharge while pattern modifications incur a 30% surcharge.

Unfortunately, Bonafé has the least structured offering; the company carries hundreds of styles, dozens of lasts and the possibilities are almost endless, yet they have very little documentation, especially online. There are two great sources of inspiration for Bonafé MTOs:

Group Made-To-Order
For Enzo Bonafè GMTOs the minimum is four consecutive pairs where only sizes can differ. However, if the GMTO reach at least eight participants we can offer customers to add different widths, if the last in question does allow for different widths. Please note that not all Enzo Bonafè lasts comes in different widths. F is the standard width for Enzo Bonafé. 

  • 946 - E,F,G,H
  • 363 - F
  • 363MOD - F
  • 804 - F,G
  • 74945 - F
  • 062 - F,G
  • 2102B - F
  • 173 - F

For all made-to-order shoes we request a 50% non-refundable deposit. The other 50% will be charged before delivery. Estimated delivery time for Bonafè MTO is about 4-6 months. 

Top view of our Bonafé lasts:

946 last - chiseled last 

363MOD last - round classic last 

804 last - almond shaped last

74945 last - rounded last with chiseled profile

MTO swatches, for a full range of swatches, please email us.

Some Enzo Bonafé MTO inspiration: