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Carmina Made To Order

Carmina Shoemaker is our most popular brand at Skoaktiebolaget. They offer amazing value; the beauty, quality and level of craftsmanship is outstanding given the price point.

For all made-to-order shoes we request a 50% non-refundable deposit. The final 50% will be charged before delivery. Estimated delivery time for Carmina MTO is about 3 months. 

MTO Surcharge:
+50% of base model. You can choose model, size, color, material, sole and lining. For some styles you can also change last and width, but this needs to be confirmed with Skoaktiebolaget first.

Production time:
Estimated 3 months


Q: Can the MTO surcharge be avoided?:
A: Only if a Group MTO is organized.

Q: What is a Group MTO or GMTO? 
A: Carmina will void the MTO fee if you order six consecutive pairs. This means you can gather six people that agree on a style and order it as a group, and save a few bucks. 

Q: Can I order different widths in a GMTO? 
A: Yes, but it will incur a 30% surcharge

Q: Can I order Carmina shoe trees from you?
A: Yes, for MTOs we allow this. Carmina shoe trees are $60

Q: Why can't I order shoes listed in the Carmina online store from Skoaktiebolaget?
A: Carmina looks at their online store as completely separated from their retailers (unlike Edward Green and Gaziano & Girling where we can do "stock pulls" from central stock). Skoaktiebolaget's stock of Carmina Shoemaker is unique. The styles we carry are carefully selected by us and in most cases not available elsewhere.

Below you can find some MTO inspiration.